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Toyin Adesola, the Resilience Boss, is an inspirational speaker, with expertise in, self-care and personal development, social impact, health and wellness and with particular focus managing chronic health issues like sickle cell disorder.

Toyin’s inspiring personal story, her over 12years knowledge in social impact as well as being a certified health coach makes her the best option for your Keynotes, Expert Panellist, Workshops, Church and Youth Events and Office retreat. She is adept at bouncing back from the traumatic situation into a position of strength and impact. She is an agent of hope and purpose, who will leave your audience believing in themselves and learning that their circumstances do not define them.

The audience is not only inspired to take action but receive blueprints and step by step instruction to become better versions of themselves. In Toyin’s words “Control your circumstances, don’t let it control you.” She has spoken to several audiences online and offline, both nationally and internationally.

Toyin is available to speak on the following topics.

Finding Purpose in Severe Adversity.  – Find your purpose in pain and difficulty while using it to Live to Your Full Potential.

Turning Weakness into Strength – How to turn your Weakness into a position of strength for more significant impact.

Managing an NGO in Challenging Times – Effectively running, maintaining and managing a non-profit in times of difficulty.

The Power a Story in Driving Social Change – What is that story? – How a story can be a useful tool to create social change.

Purpose-driven Principles to Succeed in Life – Building Godfidence for successful living.

Finding You -We live in a generation of lost identity, whether we are faking it till we make it or losing a sense of who we are, this explores how your true self can only be found in Christ.

Revealing Your Creative Potential – Shows you the importance of creativity and steps to generating ideas for project and products, through creativity,

Maximizing Social Media for Positive Impact – Importance of using social media to create more impact for social change or as a business.

The ‘Art’ in Healing – Healing through trauma is more than psychotherapy or medication. Whether, its music, painting, dancing or poetry, strategies in using Art in the healing process.

Health the New Normal – Strategies for building health and wellness for better success and productivity.

Living successfully with Sickle Cell Disorder – Sickle cell is not a death sentence—practical steps to living a fulfilled life despite living with sickle cell.

Lord! I am still single – Living a positive and impactful life in singlehood.

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