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Our Challenges our only stepping stones to achieving a greater Success

– Toyin Adesola

Toyin Adesola is wellness/ resilience coach, and impact strategist, social entrepreneur, author, speaker, artist, sickle cell warrior and advocate.

Imagine living with a Chronic Illness that was so traumatic it almost destroyed your life.

Imagine your life filled with frequent hospitalisation, terrible bone pains, numerous blood transfusions, several surgical operations, ulcers that refused to heal and to top it, a dislocated hip. This was the reality of Toyin’s life living with the inherited genetic disorder, sickle cell anaemia.

Growing up, Toyin had to battle numerous complications from the disorder which resulted in having a disrupted education and a static housebound life, days of depression, loneliness, frustration, and bitterness, to the point of being suicidal. While her colleagues had left university and entered the workforce, she was battling to save her physical and mental health.

“Never look back unless you are using your past as a measure of how far you have progressed. Challenges are inevitable at one point or the other; it is what you make of it, that is important.”

It was at that point; she had an encounter with God, lifting her out from an abyss of despair. With doggedness and perseverance, she entered into university, after a 3 year hiatus, where She bagged a BSc degree in Economics from Lagos State University and went on to run a confectionery business for 15 years.

But her story was not finished. She wrote an autobiography called Still Standing in 2005 chronicling my traumatic experience with a chronic disease like sickle cell disorder. With that she got featured on several Radio, TV and Newspapers interviews. Its publication featured me on various television shows including New Dawn with Funmi Iyande, Today’s Woman, Woman of Substance and Seriously Speaking with Adesuwa Oyenokwe, Moments with Mo, as well as numerous radio programmes and the print media. She had found purpose.

She started a non-profit on sickle cell in 2008 and is currently the serving Executive Director of Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management, a non-governmental organisation, helping people going what she went through.

“Knowledge is a powerful tool in acquiring freedom, getting direction and building relationships; whatever you learn today can be of value for you tomorrow.”

Her quest for knowledge, self-improvement, and making impact led her in 2015 to receive a certification as a health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. Toyin also has a certification in Social Sector Management from the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University, and a certification in Emotional intelligence amongst other mental health training.

She is a Vital Voices Fellow and the host of the Touch a Cell with Toyin and the gang and edutainment talk show on sickle cell disorder.

Toyin has a passion for having people, regardless of their limitation, move from where they are to a level of fulfilment, joy and success while impacting their world. She initiated influenced4impact a community focused on Wellness Impact Spirituality & Encouragement to do just that.

She has won several awards including the UNESCO Runway Jazz, Humanitarian award, though limited physically is a very energetic and resilient woman. Her love for God and determination has strengthened her to what she has become.

Toyin has inspired many people through her story and helped a number to believe, hope and dare to become the best they can be.


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