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Still Standing is about the story of one Woman’s courageous battle with a chronic health condition like Sickle Cell Disease. It captures in graphic narrative, the pain, (physical and emotional), that comes from living with the disorder with the aim of teaching, informing and encouraging someone while maintaining a sense of humour.

In her words “am a testimony not stemmed from self-pity, but of a woman through resilience has lived, conquered, and impacted. Despite 200+ hospital admissions, 20+ transfusions and 5 operations, I can say I am Still Standing.”

In reading this book, one hopes you are inspired to look beyond your circumstances.  The ability for us to bounced back from every challenged resides in us. Toyin, therefore, brings hope, encouragement, inspiration and more, that despite any challenge, we can succeed. She teaches us that through God, in overcoming these challenges, it can act as a springboard towards a purpose-filled and successful life.